About Us

Lauren Carpenter


Lauren has deep ties to the community and has organized and catered events since 2009.  From small intimate gatherings to affairs for hundreds, Lauren brings her distinctive creativity and style to every occasion.  Lauren started cooking at a young age and is self taught.  She enjoys cooking healthy meals and classics with an innovative flare. 

Colleen Bock


Colleen learned to cook at a very young age and achieved an Associates of Arts degree in Professional Cooking from Baltimore's International Culinary College.  She has worked in several restaurants throughout the Baltimore area including Pierpoint where she trained under nationally celebrated Chef Nancy Longo.  Colleen enjoys cooking many different cuisines and is particularly fond of preparing seafood and vegetarian dishes.



We were recently named one of the "9 Best Baltimore Personal Chefs" in 2017. Why? Get in touch, and you can find out for yourself.

Our Roots

Remember the childhood story, The Little Red Hen? Just in case you don’t, here’s a recap…because it’s a story that has stuck with us throughout the years and inspired Yellow Hen. All that little hen wanted to do was have a little fun with her friends on the farm and bake a loaf of bread. She searched and searched to no avail…Turned out finding the right help (or partner) doesn’t always come easily and she ended up having to do all the work on her own, as is often the case.

We have worked in the hospitality and restaurant industry for decades, searching and searching for the perfect fit all while gaining invaluable experiences and meeting amazing people. When our paths crossed, we realized we’d finally found the perfect fit! Two single, cool chicks (or so we like to think..and one of us may have trouble in this arena than the other, but who's keeping track?) on our own with a love of cooking and entertaining.

Bringing those skills to you is our passion, so sit back, relax and let us wear the apron!

- Lauren & Colleen